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What has been the biggest SEO insights during lockdown?

As we've seen most ecommerce sites just go through the roof? So where people have, especially with the sports brands, they've just not been able to fulfil demand.

I think right at the beginning, what happened was that everyone panicked. People panicked and just said...

"Shut down my website. Take it offline."

And we were just like...

"You can't do this. There are other ways that you can do this without wiping out in one day all the work we've done just because you feel that you can't fulfil."

The thing is that we saw the development team were not able to respond as fast as we could. So, one of the things that helped us as well, because we do CRM, we're able to use tools like optimise to instantly put messages on to block checkouts and implement out of stock notices. But that was the first thing I saw, like, with clients that exploded.

They didn't think that well, if people can't go here, they'll come online, no one saw that comment. And instantly they just panicked. And the development teams could not just work fast enough because they thought of a long term solution of what we need to disable the entire checkout. And we were able to reinforce and in that was the, one of the key trends that we saw.

And of course gifting to people exploded.

SEO lockdown insights


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