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Does the average small business owner understand the value of SEO?

I used to work for Yelp. Obviously they deal with a massive number of small businesses.

It was quite obvious that small businesses did not appreciate the value of SEO and they did not appreciate the value pay per click either.

So, I think the challenge there is one of setting your sights high and failing and then saying it doesn't work rather than what we're talking about at least imperfect SEO which is incremental wins.

Everyone wants the 'electrician in Bolton', and really what they might want to show up for is 'electrician in Bolton fixes fridges. It's a much smaller percentage of the market but if you can dominate that and incrementally get there, you can build on that.

And then the biggest conversation is smaller brands. SMEs is saying, Look, what is the keyword you want to rank for? Okay. Then I'll put it in SEMrush.

You show up for this super longtail query. There's 10 queries a month...

"Okay, if you can get 10 more pieces of business, does it make it worth your while?"

And Gemma says...

"Yeah, that'd be great."

So, I don't think they understand how hard it is for you. As I said, In less than perfect SEO, If you start off with how easy something is, and damn, we've lost these 10 potential clicks, because we haven't optimised this one page at all.

He shows up in Google, which just shows up in position 56 then I think you can demonstrate the value incrementally and once they see some wins, small businesses. they'd start to see that invest some more because it works on incremental wins.

Small Business SEO

Answered by: Grant Simmons


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