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With the growth of Amazon, what is the future of smaller eCommerce platforms?

So it's quite interesting because as a lot of people have seen, BigCommerce floated on the stock market and it was expected to do really terribly against Shopify as they are the main disruptive there.

When you look at the the IPO that's come out, it's absolutely crushing it. There's still a wide market for a lot of eCommerce structure. I mean, there's obviously eBay and Depop and there's another one as well, I always forget the name. But yeah, there's those platforms as well that are really growing in this.

Depop just appointed the former head of growth at Skyscanner. I mean, that's a statement in itself. So you have Skyscanner that came in and disrupted the travel market now focused on Depop.

I mean, that would be something that the Amazon guys will be looking after as well.

There's also the eBay factor as well and there's a really interesting part about ranking factors on eBay that you have to think about as well but because that's been more of an auction site. Ebay has got a lot of legacy issues that have stuck with people. When people think eBay, they think 'auction site', but you can buy a product brand new from there. There's interesting ranking factors in there as well.

In my honest opinion, as long as Amazon doesn't do anything stupid and continues to innovate in the way that it's been doing, there's gonna be very little that can stop them.

Amazon are even buying up the the bricks and mortar malls in the States at the moment so they can build more distribution centres.

They've introduced Amazon Go, which, if anyone's ever been in one before, the fact that you walk in, pick up the product and walk out, to me is a bit of an alien concept. But you know what, I'm an 80's child that was brought up with the 70's mentality.

It's interesting on how Amazon is going because they are totally focused. It's an Ecommerce brand who are doing fantastic.

Amazon are also doing a lot of stuff in the dev side. AWS. They are also focusing on media with the Display Network, as well. And now they are going into bricks and mortar.

Amazon are also taking up all the stores from the bricks and mortar stores. They've got nowhere to be. They are gradually closing the net and taking all different position points.

It feels like we're not quite checkmate yet, but it's getting there.

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Answered by: Dan Saunders


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