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Do Google use user experience metrics as a ranking factor?

I mean, of course, but it depends.

Depends what you got, comes down to when you talk about user experience or on site user experience, it's really hard for them to monitor.

It's not impossible but I think up until fairly recently, it's really hard for them to crunch that amount of data.

Google have always said, it's really easy to gain. I think the long click, and query modification is really user experience, so...

  • What do people click on in the search results?

  • How long do they stay before they come back?

If they come back, and how they modify the query, I think those kind of user tests will be gone a long time either automated or built into RankBrain, or whatever it might be.

I think that user friendly has always been a part in what I say I've proved it and traffic is been a large part of, I think the algorithm for a while.

So, how much traffic a site gets based on clicks based on relates Google Search Console based on the clicks from the search results. I think we have to be really careful.

Google searches, Google owns 100%. So they can do a lot of stuff. They're not testing. They've said, they do a lot of testing there. I can actually use experience on the on site stuff is that we have to kind of give permission for them to have access to your Chrome permission.

And I think Yeah, I definitely think it's always been part of sorry, always, always is. It's been a part of their algorithm based on the SERP for a while. I think the idea of the chrome user experience being part of it is key.

I've always said, I've said this before. Long time, you know SEO consultants are always trying to mimic Google and say...

"What would Google like?"

And Google is really saying...

"What do users like?"

So really ias SEO's we should always be thinking of the user user experience. So is your question simply, Yes!

User Experience

Answered by: Grant Simmons

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