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Why should businesses use influencer marketing?

I think, as our attention is becoming more and more dispersed, the more social networks that come about the more different media channels that are coming out, our attend session now, we're always fighting for attention in so many different ways.

I think now, if you are looking at ways to grasp attention, and start really being able to benefit as a company, in terms of your sales, in terms of your awareness, in terms of traffic, then I think you should be promoting through people.

We're starting to switch off from ads.

When my grandma was younger, she would have the radio, she'd have a paper and she'd watch a TV, and she'd be in her bloody element. But now my attention is all over the shop. So now I'm really starting to be a lot more specific and where I'm putting my attention. And the more that you are focusing on being an ad, the more people are going to start switching off.

So, if you've got a great product, then let other people talk about it rather than yourself. Because people listen more.

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Answered by: Reece Douglas


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