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Lateef Badat


Professional Confidence Coach at ALB Coaching

SFEDI / IOEE Qualified

Lateef is a SFEDI / IOEE qualified business mentor, advisor and coach specialising in helping business owners and their staff to maximise their marketing message through pitching, presenting, public speaking, networking and sales.


Confidence coaching is not only about helping people to speak on a stage:

  • Become pitch perfect

  • Confidently amplify your message

  • How to captivate your audience

  • Developing a positive mental attitude

  • Avoid procrastination and achieve your goals

  • Eliminate limiting beliefs 

  • Win smart and be happier

Confidence Coaching

Since COVID-19 client demand has led Lateef to work with business owners on recovery, goal-setting, clarity, accountability, and in some cases managing stress and anxiety, and improve confidence.

Lateef works with people focused companies to help owners and their teams grow, through dynamic one to one coaching that delivers lasting results.

Speaking in front of a crowd of any size does not come natural

Did you know that public speaking is one of the top most feared things?

It does not come natural to stand up on stage in front of an audience where all the eyes are focused on you alone and you can hear a pin drop.

There are even thousands of people within the digital marketing industry who get the jitters and their legs turn to jelly at the thought of standing up in a room to present their work to their team or the directors.

Don't worry, you are not alone.

Lateef will help you to become more confidant standing up in front of an audience of any size to talk. Just send him a quick email at or connect with him on any of his social media channels to start an informal and relaxed conversation.

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