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Scott Mears: Social Media Strategist
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Social Media Strategist

Trainer | Speaker | Mental Health Advocate

Howdily doodily,

I am Scott Mears, a Social Media Strategist and Trainer, Speaker as well as a mental health advocate.

I have been a passionate social media strategist and trainer for 6 years, working with small businesses in all industries.

My passion and love for social media was quickly developed during my first start-up, having little to no budget I had to learn strategies to build my brand and sales through social media. Within weeks I quickly gained success with organic and paid social media.

Since then I have trained my strategies to hundreds of businesses around the world, garnering world recognition for my unique and refreshing approach to social media. As well, I carry onto create new strategies to keep up with the ever-changing world of social media.

Why I am a big fan of Talk About Digital

I have attended and spoken at hundreds of events around the world. The one common thing I have noticed with all the events is restriction of content.

Let me know if either of these ring a bell;

  • You register for an event, and the speaker tells you 3 out of their 10 steps to digital success, but if you buy my course for just £…., I will tell you all 10 steps.

  • You go to speak at an event, but some of your slides are taken out because the content conflicts with what the sponsors believe to be true.

Why I believe TAD is different!

TAD is for the digital industry by the digital industry. The control is over to you! You request it and we provide it. No sales just high in demand value! We are here to ensure the digital industry gets the content they are burning for. How can you say no to that?

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