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Founder at GrowTraffic

Digital Marketer | SEO Consultant | Challenger

Simon Dalley is the founder of digital marketing agency: GrowTraffic. Dalley (as everyone calls him) set up GrowTraffic as his SEO side hustle whilst he worked in various senior marketing roles.

Dalley has worked in marketing for almost two decades and credits his passion for SEO to rats and trucks(!). He’s worked with almost every major automotive manufacturer; he was the brand manager to help launch We Buy Any Car and he has headed up the marketing function at several nationally recognised tech businesses.

He has worked with hundreds of businesses and GrowTraffic has evolved from a freelance SEO consultancy to become a well-recognised digital agency - with offices in Lancashire and South Yorkshire - that specialises in content marketing and SEO.

Simon Dalley
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Simon Dalley, Founder at GrowTraffic

Creating The Perfect Digital Marketing Plan For Small Businesses

Most small business owners aren’t marketers and yet they have to devise a way to attract customers to their business. For many small business owners creating a digital marketing plan can be particularly daunting.

Dalley will talk you through how to start planning your business’ digital marketing activities, providing you with some actionable tactics for promoting your business online. He will give you some insights into where to focus your activity in the early days of your small business’ foray into digital marketing, whilst working towards the objective of scaling up your marketing to help achieve your long term goals.

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