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Digital Marketing Director @ Ina4 / Digital Marketing Punk

Podcaster | Speaker | Trainer

Tom has worked in the digital sphere for many years, working at numerous digital agencies, now a director at In4, a Wigan-based digital agency working with numerous FTSE 100 companies. After having endless conversations from people who have been burnt by bad practice in the industry, Tom adopted the alter-ego of Digital Marketing Punk, attempting to speak out about a seedy underworld in the digital industry and educating business owners the best ways to navigate working with agencies.

Thomas Marriott
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Tom's audio journey started when he accidentally fell into co-hosting a breakfast show on regional radio up in the Tyne & Wear region. He quickly caught to radio bug, and went on to host, producing and working on numerous radio shows. When moving into his digital career, Tom saw the massive potential in on-demand audio, in particular podcasting. 

Tom soon started the Digital Marketing Punkcast, a digital marketing podcast not made for people in the digital industry (like many are), but for business owners to hear no-nonsense digital marketing advice. Since then, Tom has started up some other podcasts outside of the digital industry and helped many businesses take the first steps into starting a podcast of their own.

digital marketing punk

How to smash brand awareness through podcasting

Podcasting...The hottest marketing channel in 2020? or a complete waste of time? A completely saturated medium? When I float the idea of podcasting for marketing I often get a mixed response. They make many misconceptions about podcasting before they've even thought about it. I believe that podcasting, for the right business and pitch to the right audience can be the most powerful medium to carry your brand to the next level. 

In this talk, we'll first clear up all the misconceptions about podcasting then we will tackle all the common mistakes people make when it comes to podcasting and why there are two types of podcasts... the ones that waste time and money and the ones that take little time and make money!

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