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When all you see on social media is the Digital PR community posting high profile wins, it is often hard to look past that. This post is about real life digital PR failures and what we can all learn from them.

By Mark A Preston


When it comes to -on-site SEO, it is very easy to get carried away with doing stuff that has zero impact. Geoff explains how to get the right stuff done.

By Geoff Kennedy

Geoff Kennedy

When it comes to Wix, most of the digital marketing industry do not have a good word to say about the platform. This is however based on outdated perception so I'd like to set the record straight and dispel those Wix misconceptions.

By Mark A Preston


Here we have five solid implementation tips any eCommerce brand in the beauty industry can follow to showcase their brand in the best light.

By Thom Watson

Thom Watson

If you are looking to expand into the international market it is important to learn how to create unique content suited to those specific regions.

By Stephanie Naylor

Stephanie Naylor

My top three tips will focus on how you can turn those quality inbound leads/prospects into new clients. Let us start with the most important factor I have found vital during the lead to sale conversion rate.

By Mark A Preston

No matter if you are promoting your personal or business brand on social media, it is vital to have a solid social media strategy plan. Let me guide you through how you can create your own 12 month plan.

By Scott Mears

Scott Mears

Have you ever paid a web design agency for a new shiny website for your business and the word 'brand' was never mentioned once? Let me explain the process of how I designed my best Wix based website.

By Chris Kuzma

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