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Digital Marketing Questions

SEO Questions

- How can you prevent any loss in SEO value during an eCommerce migration?
- Do you need to redirect a URL if the only difference is the forward slash?
- If you could change one thing in the SEO industry, what would it be?
- Can we use more that one H2 or H3 tag on a page?
- What needs to change in the SEO industry?
- Do Google use user experience metrics as a ranking factor?
- Does the average small business owner understand the value of SEO?
- Should copywriters write for SEO or the website user?
- If a keyword converts on PPC, will it convert the same organically?
- How large are big brand in-house SEO teams?
- Should you first test with PPC before starting an SEO campaign?
- What would you do if a brand wrongly thinks they know best about SEO?
- How much of an impact does brand awareness have on SEO?
- How does SEO differ working on big brand websites than small business websites?
- Why should SEO marketers study NLP (natural language processing)?
- Are there any good SEO tools for schema (structured data) specifically?
- How do I rank for a keyword which has two very different meanings?
- How long will it be before Google RankBrain gets it right?
- Should SEO consultants be optimising for keywords or intent?
- Does Google use search history to determine what content I want?
- How good is Google at determining the intent of a query?
- By Google answering certain questions directly, is that taking clicks away from us?

Artificial Intelligence
- Does machine learning impact local SEO?
- What is the top Google AI and machine learning tip?
- How long do SEO marketers have before their jobs are taken over by AI?
- Why do marketers think AI and machine learning are the same thing?
- Will AI ever replace the digital marketer?
- What can digital marketers do to protect their jobs against AI?


- Why is communication important in an eCommerce migration?
- What eCommerce platform should a small business owner start with?
- Who are the main people in an eCommerce migration?
- What makes an eCommerce migration successful?
- What should the purpose be of an eCommerce migration?
- What is your biggest eCommerce migration failure?
- What are the 3 top tips of Amazon optimisation?
- What type of offers work best on Amazon?
- If I have a physical shop but also want to sell on Amazon, what advantages do I have?
- With the growth of Amazon, what is the future of smaller eCommerce platforms?
- Can I only leave you a review if I have purchased one of your products?
- If you drop below a 3.5 star review score, are you dead in the water on Amazon?
- Can businesses win on Amazon if they are not the cheapest on price?
- Will eCommerce businesses need to be on Amazon to survive?
- Can small businesses compete on Amazon against the big brands with big spend budgets?
- Does Amazon PPC help your organic product listings rank higher?
- Does the author side of Amazon work the same as the product side as a seller?

Paid Marketing
- Are people feeling digital marketing overload with the amount of ads they are subjected to?

Local SEO
- Does the sentiment of reviews matter?
- Do national businesses need to think about local SEO?
- Why is there still a lot of fake local listings?
- Can a one page website get ranked locally?
- Can I get ranked in a town I am not located in?
- How does voice search impact local SEO?
- Why do SEO consultants go on about building directory listings?
- Do directories help your local SEO?

Digital PR
- What does a digital PR newbie need to do to get a job in the industry?
- Is your social media activity the basis of getting a digital PR job?
- What are your digital PR tips for businesses who have an intangible offering?
- What do you base the success of a digital PR campaign on?
- Should PR campaigns be a mixture of news stories and data driven pieces?
- What is the difference between traditional PR and digital PR?
- Is digital PR all about the story?
- How can small businesses run a DIY digital PR campaign?
- How can you stand out in the digital PR crowd?
- Should we be posting our digital PR wins on social media?

Social Media
- Do you get more success on Instagram if you are in a certain industry?
- How much does the Instagram algorithm impact interaction?
- What does somebody need to do in order to go viral, online?
- Do you need to have a personality on social media that fits in with your job?
- Should you have social media accounts for both your work and personal life?
- Do marketing graduates need a personal social media presence?

Digital Marketing Industry
- How can we protect our mental health whilst working from home?
- Should we admit our own digital marketing failures?

Influencer Marketing
- Why should businesses use influencer marketing?
- How does influencer marketing fit into a digital marketing plan?
- If influencers are not getting back to me, what do I need to change?
- As a one person business how can you manage all the content and repurposing?
- What is the best way to connect with an influencer?
- How do influencers decide which brands to work with?
- What is the starting budget when working with a micro influencer?

Content Marketing
- Do business owners understand what content marketers do?
- What does the future content marketing trends indicate?
- How do you explain that some content is not fit for purpose?
- What is the purpose of content marketing?
- Are copywriters, social media managers and content marketers the same role?
- What is important when blogging on your own website?
- Do you need a paid budget to market your content?
- What brand has totally nailed it with content on their website?
- What are your top 3 content marketing tips?
- What needs to change in the content marketing industry?
- How many words should you write per page?
- Do we need to stop using content marketing checklists?
- What is the difference between a copywriter and an SEO copywriter?

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