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Our #TalkAboutDigital Speakers

Click on each speakers name to watch their full TAD talk

CEO at Sleeping Giant Media

Digital Marketer | Speaker | Strategist

"Virtually Perfect - Being awesome at delivering live virtual content!"

Luke Quilter
Nikki Hesford

Managing Director at Hesford Media Ltd

Facebook Certified | Trainer | Speaker

"Why Google ads experts aren’t a natural choice to run FB ads"

Content Marketing Director, connective3

Link Builder | Digital PR | Content Marketer

"Link building can and should, deliver more than just links"

David White

Founder of Search London and Turn Digi

Mentor | Speaker | Blogger

"How to develop your soft skills for SEO"

Digital Marketing Director at Ina4

Podcaster | Trainer | Speaker

"How to smash brand awareness through podcasting"

Tom Marriott
Miracle Inameti-Archibong

Head of SEO at Erudite

Trainer | Speaker | Data

"Beyond Rankings – Demonstrating the value of your SEO campaigns"

Content Executive at Sweet Digital

Content Marketing | Social Media | SEO

"The one about content marketing"

Rebekah Dunne
Kristina Azarenko

Founder of MarketingSyrup

Speaker | eCommerce | Technical SEO Consultant

"How to do an eCommerce migration the right way"

Senior Digital PR Executive at Rise at Seven

Digital Marketer | PR | SEO

"How to cut through the bullshit when starting out as a digital marketer"

Alex Hickson
Reece Douglas

Actor and Founder at SocialPlug

Influencer | TV Actor | Digital Marketer

"How to get influencers to promote your brand online"

Founder at GrowTraffic

Digital Marketer | SEO Consultant | Challenger

"Creating the perfect digital marketing plan for small businesses"

Simon Dally

Vice President of Search at SearchLab

Speaker | Local SEO Nerd | Contributor

"The secrets for local search visibility"

Performance Marketing Manager at Ingenuity Digital

Speaker | Amazon Optimisation | Ecommerce

"How to rank your products on Amazon without compromising your prices"

Dan Saunders
Kristine Schachinger

SEO Consultant at Sites Without Walls

Speaker | Writer | Marketer

"How AI/Machine Learning and NLP have changed search"

Keynote Speaker & Trainer at Talk Dygital

Social Media | Content Marketing | Digital

"Why MySpace failed and the lessons learnt for any business regardless of their size"

Andrew Davis
Grant Simmons

VP Performance Marketing at

Marketer | Speaker | Author

"Settling for 'least imperfect’ SEO"

Managing Director at Digitaloft

Speaker | Digital PR | Content Marketer

"Using PR tactics to build better links & supercharge your SEO strategy"

Digital PR Speaker - James Brockbank
Digital Marketing Speaker - Lewis Ellis

Marketing Consultant at Hussel Marketing

Speaker | Digital Marketer | Entrepreneur

"I spent two months making TikTok’s; Learnings of a typical tattooed millennial marketer"

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