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Digital Marketer | Speaker | Strategist

Luke Quilter, CEO of Sleeping Giant Media, Giant Campus and The Spark Agency, digital marketing agencies and digital skills providers. With an excess of 15 years’ experience in digital marketing, Luke finds any opportunity to share his expertise with other businesses, aiming to make them GIANT through the powers of digital and business strategy.

As the world turned upside down, Luke and the business adapted to the more switched-on online world and made live shows, workshops, pitches, presentations and more, part of their day-to-day. With previous hosting experience and an understanding of live content, Luke can help businesses be Virtually Perfect.

Luke Quilter
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Luke Quilter - CEO at Sleeping Giant Media

Virtually Perfect - Being Awesome At Delivering Live Virtual Content!

With the world changing like it is, coupled with the advancements in technology, not to mention the efficiency savings for you and the planet. Virtual and remote technology is more of a thing then it has ever been! At first a necessity and now as a way of reaching new audiences.

Having a high production quality, taking advantage of on-platform opportunities and providing a virtual experience that makes your audience say ‘wow’ and remember your name. It's not easy, and you can be sure it's quite scary, but it doesn't have to be all that. And we're not just talking live shows and events, we're talking virtual meetings, sales pitches, online recruitment, yoga classes... the likes!

This workshop will help navigate the minefield that is ‘going live’ resulting in a virtually perfect, virtual experience.

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