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Can small businesses compete on Amazon against the big brands with big spend budgets?

Yes, if they are very clever what they're doing.

Again, I'll use this as an example - If your product listings are not enticing, they willl want to click off but this is my favourite example.

The last time I checked, was probably about an hour and a half ago, if you search 'six men running trainer', I believe it is the third list listing down is a brand that I've never even heard of before. They are competing against a six directly, but not just a six or a six, whichever one you would call it, but they're also competing against New Balance, as well.

To me, that just shows that I mean, I have never been a big fan of run bidding myself.

In the SEO world, I've always thought if someone's trying to find something and you put in the brand you know, he's always accurate.


  • Are you mad?

  • Do you mean this?

I mean what I get is obviously, but it's, to me it's just not a good user experience. But obviously Amazon's seeing it differently because it I can't imagine that new balance all these other brands competing against a six or a six would keep doing what they're doing for so long if it wasn't making the money, unless it's a massive vanity project, but could you imagine going to your CMO in this time?

Well, they say, I need an extra 20 grand a month, just so I can outrank them.

SME vs Big Brands

Answered by: Dan Saunders


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