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How do influencers decide which brands to work with?

How do I choose which products to promote if I was an influencer?

That's based on how I've nurtured my audience over time.

If I've just looked at cooking in my kitchen every Sunday, and the next thing over time are consistently posting, I've recognised that people are starting to love my content, and I'm building a small community of people who are actively coming back to my profile to see my latest recipes. I would focus on collaborating with food brands that resonate with the messaging that I'm consistently putting out there, because that's what your audience wants to see.

The second thing is, is it based on followers?

No, absolutely not. To be honest with you, I would rather work with influencers that's got minimal followers, because I guarantee those followers would believe them a lot, lot more more than they would if it was someone with 50,000 followers.

influencers choosing brands

Answered by: Reece Douglas


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