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What is the starting budget when working with a micro influencer?


  • How big is the brand?

  • How big is your pocket?

  • What results do you want?

  • How much content do you want?

When you walk into a shop, you have a budget, right? You know if you're gonna buy the top product, but keep an eye on the cheap product.

It really, really depends on what you want to do with that influencer.

  • Do you want to create content and just repurpose it?

  • Do you want to get that influencer to post and then turn it into an advert? Because then obviously are going to need more budget.

  • Do you want to take that content and licence it for perpetuity to stick on a billboard?

So, it really depends on what your objectives are, and with that in mind, that's going to change your budget.

If I was a small restaurant, for example, and I didn't have the budget to be publishing out on articles, or going on radio or going on TV, I would just be focusing on collaborating with local influencers and asking them to, or inviting them to your product.

To give it as a gift compensations giving your product away for free to entice not only the influencer, but their followers to be following your brand and obviously hopefully inviting them in.

So you know, you don't really need a budget to start this. But you do need influencers and you do need content. So it's a case of having a conversation with those influencers, to see if they'd be willing to give you that that exposure free of charge in exchange for profits. It's something that's down to the individual.

micro influencer budget

Answered by: Reece Douglas


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