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How much of an impact does brand awareness have on SEO?

So we actually did a brand study where we created fake search results and put them in front of people as if they were real search results.

We did the generic one first off with companies that we've never heard of and this was in the real estate space.

We judged what people clicked on.

We assumed that was based on generic and based on mixing those up, what first position is likely to get with generic results, so non brand new results.

Then we did the same with hundreds more and all our competitors, mixing up the different positions, mixing up the different title tags and mixing up the different meta descriptions and then seeing based on this large corpus of data.

Whether there was a difference, based on brand awareness of what people click on how we found their had a grand challenge.

It was a few years ago, and we have much better brand awareness. Now, we found that when we're in position one, with certain competitors in position two, that we were getting 50% of the clicks we deserved.

When a competitor was in position one they had a lot of breadwinners, and we were position two, they were getting 3% more clicks than they would deserve normally from a generic result when we were getting 50% less in position two, so I think it has a massive difference from click through rate standpoint.

Suddenly you can demonstrate within Google Search Console found pause brand queries to see how you're doing there.

So how brand awareness has an effect on click through rate and on incremental traffic conversion.

brand awareness

Answered by: Grant Simmons


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