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What can digital marketers do to protect their jobs against AI?

As a marketer, just imagine you can have the best AI. Let's say the best AI will - Your wearing glasses and the AI was very much like Google glasses but it looks normal.

Now. someone has created that.

The next thing is, I need to get people to see it. I need to get people to use it. I need to make it main stream. That is where marketers come into it.

I have met a lot of talented blog singers, thousands of them. Amazing talent but nobody has heard of them.

I worked with the government a couple of years ago where I trained five hundred tech startups. Amazing tech, no one has heard of them because they do not know how to market to the main stream and they don't know how to market to people.

A lot of tech people are very good to sit within their tech space and create amazing things. Getting out to the public is a completely different language to them.

This is where marketers play a key role.

You can have amazing AI but you have still got to use it somewhere.

What does it mean?

What can it do?

If I've got AI and trying to sell it into other businesses, if I talk about it from a complicated point of view, people would be like - I don't get it!

All of these things is what marketers need to do when it comes to moving forward.

How can I market our product regardless of what the product is?

That is why I think there is a huge opportunity there.

Protecting jobs against AI

Answered by: Andrew Davis


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