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How do you work out the timescale for achieving the SEO goal?

Without looking at the website, it is really difficult to see. When you look at the website, you can plan based on what the impact will be of implementing that task set-out during the audit phase.

You consider...

You'll achieve this by this time. Usually, we say the first three months of the campaign, I manually adjust the forecast to zero, any kind of group to zero because everyone knows that the evaluation process. It's always like first three months series.

So, based on the task you have to do, then you can look at the forecast and be like, well, when could this get implemented?

It's all collaborative in nature. That's why you can adjust things as you go along because I speak to you and the more data you have, the better I can estimate timescales.

Every six months, we'll adjust the plan based on the data and website visits. We then need to revaluate and be like, this is how far we've come.

We don't just do it at the start of the campaign and leave it. As soon as we get new data for the month. We've got that actual data.

SEO goal timescale


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