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Should SEO consultants be optimising for keywords or intent?

Keywords are still important because you still want to know what people are searching for that brings in traffic but you also want to make sure when you are looking at those keywords, you are looking at semantic relationships, synonyms and similarities.

I always go back to the original and to de-myth and this is what I was thought, a story of what created Google. How they created Google.

They were originally going into the library to try to determine how to determine and organise the content on the web.

They went and opened a card catalogue for anyone who remembers what one those is and they go, oh my gosh, card catalogue is that. We don't need to invent it. It already exists.

You already organised the main information. If you remember a card catalogue always had the title of the book and a descriptions and a decimal number which took you to the book. The book is then the URL and that takes you to the website.

Then the book is your website, so the title contents is your navigation and inside the book if someone just did a random chapter as a hundred pages long with no separations or diliniations you would be like, what am I reading?

Books are outlined in chapter. They are outlined in sub-chapters, headlines, text. I'm not talking about fiction books. I'm talking about informational.

Google originally used that idea to develop Google and I have always used that as a core for every site that I've worked on and it has always worked.

Good site architecture, good navigation, good internal linking, specific content relevant, topical relevance to a page, so you have a hub page and you will bear down that far, maybe one or two sub-pages but you are going to make sure that page is relevant to that topic.

The hub page tells Google, hey, this is about shoes and then the sub-page goes sneakers. What kind of sneakers and then you have sub-pages for sneakers.

Google has always rewarded that as long as I can remember and even pretty recently I don't think anything has changed and it is built into the structure of Google.

So, getting back to the question as I went the long way around - the content if you are going to do a website, you want to follow that architecture. A good outline of a good book with your navigation being your chapters is the best way to organise your content, whether when it was when you was doing your bag of words or you are doing machine learning.

optimising for keywords or intent


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