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Are there any good SEO tools for schema (structured data) specifically?

The one tool I was mentioning at the end of my talk was Dixon Jones has an SEO tool called InLinks.

InLinks doesn't add any schema to your site that can get you in trouble. Certain schema can get you in trouble with Google if it is written wrong. Like recipe schema is getting hit all the time with manual actions because the recipe WordPress sites let them put something different in the JSON than is on the page and Google is like, no, it has to be exactly the same and they give them a manual action.


The InLinks tool doesn't use any of those snippet schema's and it adds schema to your site based on categories you give it and some machine leaning and it puts it in the code itself and all you do is put in a little clip of JavaScript.

It is a pretty good tool to help Google to understand your pages better.

schema SEO tools

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